September 11, 2012


Chief Keef's "I Don't Like" Remix Roundup: What Don't Most Rappers Like?

Getty Images, 3
Getty Images, 3

If "Call Me Maybe" had a street counterpart for the summer of 2012, it was undoubtedly Chief Keef's "I Don't Like." Not only does it get lodged in your head and lexicon after one mere listen, but it's been remixed by practically every heavy-hitter in the hip hop world: Kanye West, Lil Wayne, Game… hell, Chris Brown even used the track to diss Drake ("them eyebrows, man, that sh-t is yikes").

With everyone weighing in on what exactly it is in this world they don't like, we decided to round up some of the biggest Chief Keef remixes and list what everyone involved isn't particularly fond of. Below that, we break down which items/people/ideas are most frequently disliked. (Just to make this list SFW, ninja will be used instead of that word we don't like.)

What Chief Keef Don't Like
A f--k ninja
A snitch ninja
A b-tch ninja
Sneak dissers
A popped b-tch
Fake Trues
Fake shoes
Fake ninjas
A stalking-ass b-tch
Fake Gucci
Smoking Reggie

What Kanye West Don't Like
Fraud ninjas
Ungrateful ninjas

What Jadakiss Don't Like
Running out of work
A girl who "gave me dome twice" but "never let me hit it" yet is still "blowing up my phone"

What Lil Wayne Don't Like
Girls that don't do girls
When "you flaming f--gots put him (possibly Hank Gathers, mentioned in previous verse) out with water"

What Game Don’t Like
A f--k ninja

What Chris Brown Don't Like
A f--k ninja
Those who are "throwing bottles… just cause I gave a b-tch a long pipe"

What Yo Gotti Don't Like
A f--k ninja
Fake jewelry
Fake clothes
Hatin' ninjas
Fake b-tches

Clearly, "f--k ninjas" are universally loathed, tallying a whopping four mentions. But more generally, fake clothing is the most problematic for the "I Don't Like" remixers: Whether shoes or jewelry or jeans, fake duds racked up five mentions. And in various capacities, women received five negative shoutouts for being fake or obsessive—although curiously, Weezy slams "girls that don't do girls" but then goes on to diss "flaming f--gots." So I guess he's only half-homophobic?

The most socially relevant dislike definitely belongs to Jadakiss, though, for calling out the actually relatable problem of "running out of work" (fake Gucci and bottle-throwing brawls are less problematic for most Americans).

So there you go: Don't be fake, don't buy fake and don't hate. The lessons gleaned from many "I Don't Like" remixes.