September 14, 2012


Go Comic Book Shopping With Rappers Murs & Fashawn

Cali rapper Murs might love comic books more than you love your family, getting a paycheck and finding a 20-dollar bill in your pocket combined. We took a shopping trip with him and fellow rapper/collaborator Fashawn to the famed Midtown Comics in NYC, and Murs basically knows everything about every comic in the store. That's probably because—insider tip—he goes there every Wednesday when he's on the east coast. That's a lot of Wednesdays.

Murs gave us the rundown about several comic books in the store, but he couldn't help but point out his favorite comic of all time: Black Panther. "It hangs in my studio right above where I record. It's my inspiration, I love that book." Murs also reveals how he used to steal comic books (don't try that at home, kids) and that he currently reads almost 30 comic books a month. "I've got 24 different comic books going on [in my head], all the lyrics I ever wrote, plus every new album that came out this week...because I'm a maniac." Check out more with Murs and Fashawn at Midtown Comics in the video above.

Murs and Fashawn also opened up about their latest collabo, This Generation, which helped reignite Murs excitement for hip-hop: "It was difficult for me to work with [Fashawn] because his bar is way up. He's excited about rap in a way that I wasn't anymore...I forgot about, as the kids say, 'goin' in.' Being next to him, I gotta 'go in.'" See what else they had to say about the recording process in the video below.