September 5, 2012


Crate Diggers: Beat Junkies' J. Rocc Recalls Globe-Trotting Digging Adventures

Fuse's West Coast "Crate Diggers" trip profiling the record collections of our favorite DJs and producers have revealed Z-Trip's loss of girlfriends, DJ Muggs' love of Led Zeppelin and Peanut Butter Wolf's "addiction" to record-buying. Now, we peer inside the collection of Beat Junkies' J. Rocc to learn about his childhood hustles and discover the Stones Throw affiliate's rare "record de-warper."

“I would sell Now and Laters; that was my first hustle," recalls J. Rocc. "As a little kid, I would go to the store and buy 10-cent packs and then sell them at school for a quarter a pop. More than 100 percent markup. That money would go towards records." The budding turntablist extraordinaire would scuff his new purchases to fool his mom into thinking they were borrowed from a friend. “If I walked in with a Music Plus bag, it’d be like, 'Where’d you get money from to buy records?'," says the producer.

In the video above, J. Rocc discusses name-dropping "Crate Diggers" alum Jazzy Jeff on a record-shopping trip with Madlib and Peanut Butter Wolf, shows off his favorite record in his collection and details his numerous trips around the world in the hunt for the rarest records. “When I go overseas, that’s when my real digging experience occurs ‘cause I like foreign records more than U.S. records. Just being into records and music so much, I want to experience what they listen to in Korea."

The whole thing is worth a watch, but see for yourself above and check out some of the tracks from J. Rocc's collection below.

Missus Beastly, "High Life"

Michael Urbaniak, "Joy"

Jose Mauro, "Obnoxious"

Fred Wesley and the J.B.'s, "Damn Right I Am Somebody"

Toe Fat, "Bad Side of the Moon"

Nick Ingman, "Project Titan 2" (KPM Library Music)

Sun Ra, "Disco 2100"

Finger 5, "Koi no Dial 6700"