Dave Matthews Band On Pace for Record Sixth Straight Number 1 Album The new album, Away From the World, is on track to sell over 250,000 copies. [Billboard]

Foo Fighters Played Apple's iPhone 5 Launch Yesterday No word if they were paid with Apple gear for their accoustic set. [NME]

Bruce Springsteen Song Gets 409% Sales Bump from Obama's Convention “We Take Care of Our Own” sold 2,000 copies last week, its best numbers since March. [Billboard]

Adele Will Probably Sing the New James Bond Theme Song She was spotted near the studio where the score was being recorded, and she's hinted at it in recent interviews. [Billboard]

Have You Ever Wanted to See 2 Chainz Play Basketball? Because now you can. The video shows the artist formerly known as Tity Boi playing high school ball in 1995. [Popdust]