September 28, 2012


David Guetta & Sia Throw a Hunting Party in "She Wolf (Falling to Pieces)" Video

Isn't one pop song called "She Wolf" enough, you ask? Yes, it is, and that's exactly why David Guetta and go-to hook singer Sia have titled their latest collabo something remarkably different: "She Wolf (Falling to Pieces)."

Lycanthropy aside, this dance-pop lamentation has very little in common with Shakira's disco jam or its woman-in-a-cage clip. While Shakira's "She Wolf" was mostly about her body undulating erotically behind bars, this video is slightly more conceptual. 

Starring an actual wolf, "She Wolf (Falling to Pieces)" finds our furry friend on the run from bloodthirsty hunters on the barren tundra. Fortunately for Ms. Wolf, she possess a magic power that allows her to warp space, tearing her persecutors apart molecule by molecule.

Watch the video above and be sure to stick around for the twist at the end. Okay, so the song title gives away the surprise, but if you want to see some ginger nudity, stick around anyway.