September 19, 2012


Director of Game's "Celebration" Video: Police Shut Down Set

In the new video for Game's summertime-themed "Celebration," featuring Lil Wayne, Chris Brown, Wiz Khalifa and Tyga, the rappers appear carefree, hanging out with the requisite video vixens, playing basketball and participating in the best barbecue since Jazzy Jeff & Fresh Prince's "Summertime." 

But as director Matt Alonzo tells Fuse, shooting "Celebration" wasn't without its complications. "The first day of shooting got shut down midway through the day," admits Alonzo. "We continued to shoot for another 4-5 hours before being officially shut down by a group of cops."

Shot over three days this summer at Los Angeles' Dearborn Park and Belvedere Park, Alonzo says his inspiration was another classic L.A. hip hop track. "The concept was to bring 'Nuthin' but a 'G' Thang' into 2012. Bring Cali life 2012 to the screen. I wanted to capture the artists in an organic style and atmosphere. Show them away from the glamour and lights." If the end result feels natural, that's because it is. Alonzo organized barbecue and just shot the artists "hanging out and enjoying themselves."

As for the police, Alonzo, who's also helmed videos for Common, Chris Cornell and Ice Cube, says all permits were in place, but the sheer size of the crowd made it impossible to continue shooting. Check out the results for yourself above.