September 4, 2012


DJ Khaled on Working With Kanye & Rick Ross on "I Wish You Would" Video

Fuse caught up with DJ Khaled to discuss his video for "I Wish You Would" with Rick Ross and Kanye West (and, in a brief cameo, Kim Kardashian). Khaled told us about how "Cold," a separate Kanye song in which Yeezy drops the famous "I had fell in love with Kim/Around the same time she had fell in love with him" line, ended up at the video’s end, Kanye’s dangerous rapping technique, and more.

On adding "Cold" to the video:  The way we got "Cold" was we were having an amazing time at the video shoot. Me, Kanye, Hype, Ross. We’re vibing. And towards the end, it was real late, we’re about to leave, and Hype Williams plays "Cold" for no reason. Kanye jumps in front of the camera and starts doing his verse. We record that. Next thing we know Kim Kardashian is in the video.  We gave a gift to the world at the end of the video. It’s called magic. We ain’t plan it. It wasn’t in the treatment. We ain’t get no extra wardrobe. We just did it. And that’s what I mean about hip hop. You never know what’s going to happen.

On his favorite moment of the shoot: Kanye, me and Ross we’re just doing the hook.  It’s just like, us three being there to actually put this on screen. It was just a good vibe, you know? To have Kanye and Ross right there. We know what this record is going to do to the street. That was a special time.

On Kanye’s dangerous rapping:  We actually have footage of Kanye hanging from the roof bars, and rapping and swinging from the bar. I was like, “Kanye, chill man. If you fall, we can’t have that here. He was just so passionate about performing. I was sweating, thinking, we don’t want nobody to get hurt.

On working with Hype Williams: We wanted a different type of video, and with Hype Williams, there’s no treatment. You just get to the set, and it’s, “Yes sir, Hype Williams.” That’s why he’s Hype Williams, one of the biggest in the game.

On why he made the Kiss the Ring album:  I really did it for my supporters, who helped me have six albums and be so successful. I did this for us to tell the people who wasn’t with us to kiss the ring. If you still got questions, you out of tune, brother. Bow down, kneel to the master and kiss it.