September 13, 2012


DMX Chokes Up, Says Even Tough Guys Need a "Mommy"

Johnny Nunez
Johnny Nunez

When RapFix Live asked DMX about his mother-related breakdown on an April episode of VH1's Couples Therapy, they probably didn't expect the hard-edged rapper to tear up again when speaking of his contentious relationship with his mom.

But then again, DMX has never been one to hold back his emotions—whether its anger, manic excitement or naked emotional honesty.

"Me and mother always had a rocky relationship," DMX told host Sway Calloway. "I think when we did the show, I hadn't spoken to my mother for eight or nine years, but I was stuck on… I was looking for or expecting an apology."

But the Undisputed hip hop champion said he had a breakthrough when he put that expectation aside.

"Then I realized, I don't need that, I don't want that, because for one, my mother's still alive. She's alive, and if she were to pass and for me not to be on good terms with her, I wouldn't be able to forgive myself. So forget the apology, forget the acknowledgement [from her] that, 'I did wrong.' I just want to, as a grown man, with children of my own, I wanted to be able say the word 'mommy' and mean it."

Probably because no one can eff with him, DMX didn't seem fazed when he sacrificed that personal demon so publicly. He did, however, visibly choke up after telling RapFix Live the following: "No matter how hard you are, how tough you are, you need to be someone's baby. Anyone who thinks other than that, they're fooling themselves."

Between promising his gospel album will drop this Christmas and eviscerating Drake, DMX is still surprising fans after two decades in the game (true to form, he was totally unfiltered when we spoke with him at Rock the Bells).

BTW, if all this talk about broken family is depressing you, check out DMX's incredible "collaboration" with the children's show Reading Rainbow. His explicit rapping paired with butterflies and rainbows is sure to chase the blues away.