September 7, 2012


Martin Solveig Says Madonna Made Him Quit Smoking

When Fuse caught up with French House DJ Martin Solveig—one of the producers on Madonna's latest album—at Electric Zoo, he revealed his sure-fire method to quit smoking: Work with Madonna.

"I quit smoking thanks to Madonna who was very, very upset with me when I was smoking in the studio," Solveig reveals. "I wanted to quit, too, and in America it's a lot easier to quit because it's very complicated to smoke in the U.S. You're not allowed to smoke anywhere, even in the street." Well, that's not necessarily so, but either way, we're glad you're tobacco-free, Mr. Solveig! "It's been almost a year, so I'm really happy," he said.

The "Hello" hitmaker (he's behind the infectious song in all those Trident gum commercials) also told us how Santa Claus helped jumpstart his DJ career. Yes, that Santa. Hear all about it in the full interview above.