September 26, 2012


Eminem Producing Web Series on Detroit Sneakers: Hear Fuse's Soundtrack (1)

Samir Hussein
Samir Hussein

Ever since Run-DMC proposed in 1986 with "My Adidas," hip hop and sneakers have shared a long-running marriage. Now Eminem—always a stalwart friend to his economically-beleaguered hometown—is shedding the light on Detroit sneakers with a web series he's producing called Detroit Rubber (yeah, my mind didn't think 'shoes' first either). The upcoming series focuses on Motor City shoe store Burn Rubber as it tries to become an internationally-renown sneaker shop (well, getting a plug from Eminem via a web documentary is a pretty damn good start).

Since no release date has been announced yet, we're biding our time by pulling together a soundtrack for Detroit Rubber. From Geto Boys to Lil Wayne, here are our five favorite rap songs about kicks.

5. Geto Boys - "Read These Nikes"

What does it mean to "read a Nike," you ask? This sample lyric should clear that question up: "Nothing but my shoe is in your motherf--kin face / You're readin these Nikes."

4. Lil Wayne - "Watch My Shoes"

Lil Wayne's shoe-centric track is less about kicks and more about the direction of one's eyes when they're.... well, you can listen to the song and figure it out.

3. U-N-I - "K.R.E.A.M."

A take-off on Wu-Tang Clan's C.R.E.A.M. (this stands for "Kicks Rule Everything Around Me"), this track from U-N-I (which itself is short for "u-n-i to the verse") gives special preference to Nike SB Dunks: "They say I'm shallow, I never learned how to swim / But my glow in the dark dunks keep me floating like fins."

2. Nelly - "Air Forces Ones"

Along with his St. Lunatics, Nelly delivered a rarity with this one: A song about shoes that is truly ONLY about shoes. From spitting about fat laces to dyed colors to how to get wide soles, this is the most informative sneaker-based track in hip hop history. The best part is where Nelly chronicles the dangers of white on white sneakers: "The only problem they only good for one night / 'Cause once you scuff 'em you f--ked up your whole night." You can actually hear the pain in his voice.

1. Run-DMC - "My Adidas"

The all-time classic rap song about shoes comes from the all-time classic hip hop crew Run-DMC. Best lyric: "We make a good team my Adidas and me / We get around together, rhyme forever / and we won't be mad when worn in bad weather." That's true love.