September 20, 2012


Fiona Apple Arrested in Texas

Paul A. Hebert
Paul A. Hebert

One day, musicians will realize that you just shouldn't bring drugs through Sierra Blanca, Texas. Today is not that day.

Fiona Apple was arrested for hashish possession in the small town located on the U.S.-Mexico border Wednesday night, a jail official confirmed to TODAY. It's the same spot where Willie Nelson and Snoop Dogg have been pinched for their own pharmaceutical dalliances. As of this morning, Apple is still being held in jail waiting for bond to be set.

Apple hasn't exactly been private about her love of weed. In a June profile with New York magazine, writer Dan P. Lee details drinking "marijuana-laced lemonade" and getting "very stoned" with the singer.

"We drank and smoked more," wrote Lee. "Coming back from the bathroom, she had turned off the lights and turned on a little machine that projected a million green stars orbiting across the whole space of the ceiling. I lay on the floor, spinning, watching them spin. She sat at her desk, not moving much, mostly staring into the screen that bounced a pale glow across her face."

Apple's latest album, The Idler Wheel...., was released in June and debuted at No. 3 on the Billboard 200.