September 18, 2012


Happy 20th Birthday, Cameron Crowe's 'Singles'

Paul Bergen
Paul Bergen

Real talk: Cameron Crowe's Singles, a rom-com about the rock and romance scene in Seattle in 1992is a cornerstone of the best decade... ever? All that flannel and hair and... coffee! A Pearl Jam cameo (ahem, Citizen Dick)! Matt Dillon! It was a snapshot of the new alternative generation, taken during its peak and in its epicenter, like only Crowe, then a Rolling Stone contributing editor, could see it. But even better is the Singles soundtrack, which is packed with nuggets from the grunge scene in Seattle. There are tracks from Alice in Chains, Pearl Jam and Soundgarden, who all have cameos in the film, plus other B-sides and rarities, from Chris Cornell's beautiful acoustic jam "Seasons" to Smashing Pumpkins' "Drown." 

Released at the height of the grunge "thing," the soundtrack became a bonafide hit, and growing up in the Emerald City it was in constant play during my high school years. Today, September 18, is the 20th birthday of the movie Singles. So, just because, I suggest you watch the movie, then jam out to the soundtrack, which I've conveniently posted below (you're welcome). First, though, some key scenes from the film.

Alice in Chains rock out, hard:

Pearl Jam read a review of their "album" from their fictional band Citizen Dick (fronted by Matt Dillion!!!)

The original Singles trailer:

Chris Cornell and Soundgarden cameos: