September 21, 2012


Inside Track: Journey's Neal Schon on "Don't Stop Believin'"

In our first episode of Fuse’s Inside Track, a new series exploring the backstory of classic songs, Journey guitarist Neal Schon sat down with us to discuss the origins of "Don’t Stop Believin'," "Wheel in the Sky" and "Any Way You Want It." Here are some highlights.

On the origin of "Don’t Stop Believin’": "Don’t Stop Believin’" started when Jonathan Cain had just come in the band, and I think it was a message his dad had instilled in his head. He’d gone through a lot of hard times, and the struggles of trying to make it in the industry. Basically, the chorus was somewhat finished, and we sat there and threw things around for a bit like we usually did, and I think we kind of had the song within a couple of hours. That’s the kind of chemistry we had together when we sat  in a room and wrote together, which is the way to do it.

On not initially understanding the greatness of "Don’t Stop Believin’": At the time, I didn’t get it. That was the black sheep on the album to me. I listened to it, and told them "I don’t get it.” And I was scared to death of it, to tell you the truth. We were known as being a power ballad band. I was always concerned if the rock was there. But they proved me wrong, and I’m glad they wrote it. 

For more on "Any Way You Want It" and "Wheel in the Sky," check out the video above.