September 4, 2012


Is Nicki Minaj Voting for Mitt Romney?

With the Republican National Convention ending last week and the Democratic National Convention still several hours away, we were all at risk of having half a day not dominated by some sort of political news. Thankfully, Nicki Minaj is here to keep us in the political loop with a controversial guest verse on Lil' Wayne's Dedication 4 mix tape. 

On a remix of "Mercy," Minaj raps: "I’m a Republican voting for Mitt Romney, you lazy b------s are f------ up the economy."

I have so many questions now! Is Minaj really a secret Republican? If Romney wins, will he give her video shout-outs much like Obama did for Jay-Z at the Made in America festival over the weekend? Does she read Ayn Rand on tour? 

Then again, on "Starships" she raps, “But f—k who you want, and f—k who you like.” That, to me, sounds like an endorsement of gay marriage, which of course will be on the Democratic platform for the first time at this week's Democratic National Convention.

So is she just a confused centrist? Does she vote with her wallet instead of her heart? Only time will tell.

The one thing for sure, though, is that we should all be taking this very seriously; Minaj is certainly not just a news-savvy rapper seizing on a topical and intentionally controversial subject to hype her boss's new mixtape, which, by the way, is available here.