September 30, 2012


Jack White Stymies Radio City Crowd With Brief, No Encore Set

Shannon Stewart for Fuse
Shannon Stewart for Fuse

Jack White delivered a scorching set at Radio City Music Hall last night as part of Fuse Music Week, but New York fans left the show feeling a bit burned after the modern rock legend left the venue without playing an encore.

White's 50-minute set spanned his 13-year musical career, from the White Stripes to the Dead Weather to his debut solo album, Blunderbuss. But it was also filled with crowd-baiting banter from White, who implied that the NYC audience wasn't lively enough three different times. "Quiet the f—k down New York," he said at one point. "Jesus Christ, am I at an NPR convention?"

White's NYC fans responded with increasingly loud applause after each song, but their excitement turned to dismay when he left the stage and didn't return despite 30 minutes of cheering, clapping and a massive, impromptu humming of the "Seven Nation Army" chorus.

When the curtain finally dropped, indicating definitively that White was not coming back, boos and expletives ("f--k Jack White" was a popular chant) replaced whoops and claps as crowd members—who had purchased tickets ranging from $40 to $90—left the venue angry and confused.

Fans immediately turned to Twitter to express their rage, most of which read to the tune of, "This is f--king bullsh-t." As this wise man sagaciously pointed out, "This is the angriest I've seen wealthy ex-hipsters since they canceled Arrested Development #jackwhite."

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