September 5, 2012


Jeff Ament on Pearl Jam's Next Album, Jay-Z & Presidential Election

Pearl Jam bassist Jeff Ament sat down with Fuse's Yasmine Richard at Made in America festival this past weekend in Philadelphia to talk about Pearl Jam’s next album, being hand-picked by Jay-Z  to headline day two of the festival and the Seattle band's longstanding political affiliations.

On Pearl Jam’s next album: We’re half way through, and we have a ton of ideas. It’s just a matter of everyone clearing enough space to finish it up. We’re going to do things as naturally as we can. It’s always worked better for us to take our time.

On being hand-picked to perform at Made in America by Jay-Z: We didn’t even know we were on his radar. We were honored that we were on his radar, and that he thought enough of us to ask us.

On whether they’ll support Obama in the upcoming election: I’d be willing to bet that every member will vote for Obama.

On when they'll reissue more albums: The plan was to do the next three records (after Vs and Vitalogy). But at the end of the Vs/Vitalogy ones, we were starting to feel a little whooped. It was starting to feel like we were a nostalgia band, and we wanted to keep focused forward. We’re going to move forward for a while, and maybe in a few years we’ll work on those records.