September 25, 2012


You Need to Know: Sultry British Chanteuse Jessie Ware

Caitlin Mogridge
Caitlin Mogridge

U.K. fashion magazine Clash hit the nail on the head when they called British newcomer Jessie Ware "the missing link" between AdeleSBTRKT and Sade—the 26-year-old has pipes for days, knows her way around a drum machine and if she doesn't have you making out by the end of her debut album, Devotion, you're doing it wrong.

If it seems like Ware came from out of nowhere, well, she kind of did. After working with SBTRKT on his 2010 single "Nervous," Jessie scored a deal with PMR Recrods. When she unveiled her debut single, "Strangest Feeling," in late 2011, it failed to chart in the U.K. But since the release of her first Devotion single, "Running," earlier this year, Ware has snagged a spot on almost every Important Music List on the Internet—Pitchfork gave the debut high marks, and Devotion is also up for a prestigious Mercury Prize. What a difference two years makes.

The best part about the whole thing: Jessie Ware is personable and self-deprecating to boot. About her music career she told Noisey, "I'm ambitious, so I'd love for [the album] to do as well as possible. I'd like to give it a go... I wouldn't mind being a pop star, but I don't think I'm the right kind of thing for a pop star." 

Check out Jessie Ware's stunning "Running" video below. (Or if you're looking to snap and dance alone in your room, allow me to suggest "Sweet Talk.") Devotion is out now on PMR Records.