September 4, 2012


John Mayer Undergoes Throat Surgery: "I Won't Sing for Six Months"

Kevin Winter
Kevin Winter

We have some troubling news for fans of patriotic soft-rock: John Mayer will not be singing for the next six months.

Not only will America's favorite serial womanizer be resting his pipes for half a year, but he's taken a vague vow of silence for the next few months. "If you see me out and about and I don’t answer you when you say hello, I’m not ignoring you," Mayer wrote on his Tumblr. "Promise." Because, you know, he'd otherwise be stopping to have in-depth discussions with every fan accosting him on the street.

Mayer revealed his plan to clam up two days after undergoing his second throat surgery this year. "Silent for the next few months, no singing for probably six, but all signs point to this being the last step in getting to perform again," Mayer wrote.

While there are undoubtedly a few people quite happy that Mayer will be silent for a spell—the many women he's shuffled through, for instance—we can't help but think there are other singers we'd rather see take a vow of silence for a few months. Dave Mustaine, for instance, who recently said Obama staged the movie theater shooting in Colorado as well as the Sikh temple shooting in Wisconsin. Or perhaps Morrissey, who just can't stop talking about hating everything.

Any singer you'd like to see give their throat a breather?