September 27, 2012


Justin Timberlake in Talks to Play Alcoholic Reporter in Upcoming Movie 'The Last Drop'

Kevin Winter
Kevin Winter

Ugh, would you movie producers stop scouting Justin Timberlake so he'll get bored and go back to the studio to record new music already? Variety is reporting that the "Sexy Back" singer is in talks to play a New York Magazine restaurant critic who must overcome his alcohol addiction to win over his lady love in the upcoming movie The Last DropNick And Norah's Infinite Playlist director Peter Sollett is set to direct the flick, so here's hoping there'll be a heavy music angle to the film. Maybe a scene where Justin's singing a random Top 40 song in the shower? Just a suggestion.

While his IMDb list of credits gets longer and longer (and his Wikipedia discography page remains sadly idle), Justin's managed to squeeze in some time to remind us that Myspace was a thing once. And it's going to be a thing again if Timberlake has anything to say about it. Justin, who bought a portion of the company just over a year ago, tweeted a link to a "trailer" for the "new" Myspace earlier this week, and we have to say: looks slick! 

Will Timberlake's name be enough of a draw for people to allow yet another social network (that they previously deleted) to control their lives? We'll find out. Decide if you're into it in the video below.