September 13, 2012


Ke$ha Whistles Preview of New Single "Die Young" on Tokyo Subway

Ke$ha must have recently had a brainstorming session where the topic was, "How can I release a preview of my new single 'Die Young' in the most arbitrary way possible?" The answer: "Whistle 30 seconds of it to myself on a quiet Tokyo subway!" 

Not only does the video preview basically leave us with almost no idea of what the song actually sounds like (thanks!), but it also brings to mind traumatic subway rides of our own where we've been liable to punch someone in the face before 9am. (Honestly. The whistling on the train, people. NOT OKAY.)

Shout out to Idolator for their spot-on "Revolutionary War fife song" comparison. We're thinking the actual recorded version of "Die Young" won't sound anything like "Yankee Doodle," but it is Ke$ha after all. Anything is possible.