September 5, 2012


The Mixdown: Kid Daytona Talks "Summer Games" Mixtape, Partying With Jay-Z & Kanye

Kid Daytona sat down with Esteban Serrano recently to talk about his new mixtape, Summer Games, his interactions with fans and his upcoming projects. As the interview makes clear, despite his success, Daytona still has a humble, workman’s approach to his craft.

"I never really expect anything," he says about recording. "I just try to make the best music that I can. I’m never comfortable with where I am. I always strive to be better."

That said, Daytona still knows when he kills it on the first try.

"I always want to be better, but sometimes when you write something, you’re just like, 'Oh, that was crazy,'" he says of "Copy Copy," one of the more popular songs off Summer Games. "I just caught the beat, and it flowed."

His fans obviously agree.  "I got craziest the comment on Twitter from a kid," he tells us. "It said, ‘Yo, if you listen to summer games by kid Daytona, it will change your life.’ That sort of stuff lets me know I’m not just doing this music in vain. It’s what makes me always want to be better."

As for the mixtape's title, it was, as you might suspect, inspired by the Olympics. "I knew it was going to go on this trip to Europe," Daytona says. "Just being out there knowing the Olympics was coming up [I thought] it’d be cool to do something. When we got out there, I started recording."

But the trip wasn’t all work. Daytona and his crew had all-access passes to the Watch the Throne show in Dublin for Kanye’s birthday. "Jay had like 40 bottles of Ace of Spades," he says. "Being there, it was just so ill to me. Partying with the Throne. Sipping champagne and eating finger food with ‘Ye and them, it was ill."

He's not taking any time off after Summer Games' success. He's currently working on a sequel of sorts, called Summer Games: Lost Luggage, and after that a collaboaration with Gym Class Heroes's Travis McCoy tentatively titled Gypsy Cab Confessions.

Then, he says, he'll work to make a proper retail album. "I feel like it’s a natural progression to go major and to go mainstream, because that’s when you see the real money."