September 5, 2012


Lana Del Rey Named British GQ's "Woman of the Year"

Dave M. Benett
Dave M. Benett

What a difference six months (a name change, a viral video, makeover, and a modeling contract) makes: Lana Del Rey has been named British GQ’s “Woman of the Year.”

The New York-based songbird, who is also currently on the cover of Australian Vogue, arrived at the Royal Opera House in London to accept her coveted award sporting jet black hair, bright red lips and a long cream-colored gown.

Let’s just say this glam, old Hollywood outfit is a whole lot more than the H&M model wore during the photoshoot for the October issue of British GQ. And by that we mean, in case you want exact details, Del Rey is simply wearing ornate jewelry and nothing else.

But what has Del Rey done to deserve this prized honor, which has been previously bestowed upon other beauties such as Lara Stone, Lily Allen, and Heidi Klum? Well, that’s just it; apparently she’s a beauty that cannot be denied.  

Alright, we’ll give Del Rey, formerly known as Lizzy Grant, some props for staging a mega-publicized career on the Hollywood and inteweb circuit in just six months that includes rumored relationships with Axl Rose and Marilyn Manson, a disastrous performance on “Saturday Night Live” (that catapulted her to new heights, sort of), and already an impending retirement in music less than half a year since releasing her debut album. Though her supposed exit may perhaps lead to a more fruitful career in, say, screenwriting.

Yes, Del Rey tells Australian Vogue that screenwriting is her “happy place” and that she would like to “branch out into film work and stay there.”

What a woman, indeed.

Photographed for British GQ by Mariano Vivanco.
Photographed for British GQ by Mariano Vivanco.