September 14, 2012


Led Zeppelin to Release Concert Film of 2007 Reunion Show

Led Zeppelin has being teasing fans all week with a "mysterious" countdown on its Facebook page. On Monday, they posted  “Five,” on Tuesday a “Four,” and so on and so on.  What were they counting down to, millions of old people wondered? A new tour? A new album?

No, no. It was just a live concert film of their 2007 reunion concert. So, if you were hoping to watch a film of past-their-prime rock legends playing a show from five years ago, then you’re in luck. If not, well…you still have "Stairway to Heaven"?

The film is called Celebration Day, and will be released in approximately 1,500 screens on October 17th.  Then, on November 19th, the concert film will be released on "multiple audio and video formats," which means VHS and Betamax.

Check out the trailer for Celebration Day above.