September 17, 2012


Lil Wayne Subs in Frank Ocean's Name for "Homo" in New Track

Johnny Nunez
Johnny Nunez

So it took longer than we thought—nine weeks, to be precise—for Frank Ocean to go from writing a sincere confessional to becoming a easy, SEO-grabbing rap punchline, but here we are. You may remember the phrase "No homo" from such decades as "the 2000s," when it was used by everyone from Kanye West to Cam'ron to, yes, Lil Wayne, who used the phrase in various mixtapes and Tha Carter III.

On a recent verse on Future's "Turn on the Lights" remix, Weezy rhymes, "I ain't got no worries/No Frank Ocean/I'm straight." Get it? It's like "No homo," except he replaced that word with a hip hop-connected R&B singer who came out over the summer. Weezy's back!

Lest I be accused of not providing context, here's the full verse:

"Tell her I skate
I ain't go no worries
No Frank Ocean, I'm straight
Tell'em I'm straight

But see, it's okay, because Wayne is a wordsmith who is just playing off the word "straight" as in meaning "heterosexual," and "straight" as in meaning "not stressed." So no shots fired, right? Right? Full song below, with verse in question starting at the 2:55 mark.

Future ft. Lil Wayne, "Turn on the Lights" Remix