September 18, 2012


Listen: Green Day's New Album, '¡Uno!'

Matthew Eisman/Getty Images
Matthew Eisman/Getty Images

Great news for Green Day fans! Just three days after their epic three-hour show in New York City, the pop punk band's new album, ¡Uno!, is streaming on their Facebook page, a full week before its scheduled release. All you have to do is go to Green Day's Facebook page and click on the link that says "Hear ¡Uno! Now."

Even better news: the album is just as good as you’d hoped: catchy, fast and hooky to the max. So go check it out!

And, just in case that’s not enough Green Day for you, keep in mind you have not one but two more albums headed your way soon; ¡Dos! will be out on November 13, 2012, followed by ¡Tré! on January 15, 2013.