September 20, 2012


Listen: New Deftones Song, "Leathers"

In high school I was a really, really big Deftones fan. I figured it'd be one of those bands I grew out of, like, say Korn, but I didn't. I still have a spot for frontman Chino Moreno and his stoner-metal crew from Sacramento, CA. Oh, peace and love to founding bassist Chi Cheng, who is in a semi-concious state, slowly recovering from a car accident. Word up.

So Deftones have a new album called Koi No Yokan (whatever that means) dropping on November 12. They just unleashed a new track from the LP, "Leathers," and it's exactly what you'd want from Deftones: an eerie and atmospheric intro followed by a surprise attack of guitars and Chino's pained yet fiercely melodic wail that, because I had the volume turned up on my headphones, literally had me throwing them off my head in a hurry. So, seriously, be careful with the volume. This one's a doooooooooozy.