September 17, 2012


Listen: Veteran Riff Gods Dinosaur Jr., "Pierce the Morning Rain"

If you like big, fuzz-toned guitar riffs—especially those played by dudes that look like Cousin Itt's grunge uncle—then you must love Dinosaur Jr., the Amherst, Massachusettes-bred alt-rock vets who have been releasing solid albums since 1985. Now the trio are back with I Bet on Sky, their 10th studio album, and it's loaded with the band's reliable sound—riff-rockin' guitar fuzz and the chugging bass-drums dream team of co-songwriter Lou Barlow and sticksman Murph. 

SPIN just debuted "Pierce the Morning Rain," one of the best (read: fast, heavy and tuneful) tracks off I Bet on Sky. Apparently frontman J. Mascis has some obsession with sky and the stuff that falls from it, hence the album and song titles, and here he even groan-sings the LP's eponymous lyric. Listen above! And also watch the video for another I Bet on Sky gem, "Watch the Corners," below.