September 18, 2012


Maroon 5 Give Fans a Chance to Star in Upcoming "Daylight" Video

Gustavo Caballero
Gustavo Caballero

Maroon 5 took to their official website Monday to let their fans know they could be the stars of the band's upcoming video, "Daylight," to be directed by Jonas Akerlund (Metallica, Madonna, U2). "We need YOUR help for our next music video. We're asking YOU to record and share 'YOURstory,' and that recording may be handpicked to appear in the video," the band said in a statement with a link to the Daylight Project website.

What kind of stories qualify you to be in a Maroon 5 video? Here are some suggestions from the band:

"Film a sunrise/sunset"
"Film someone or yourself upset or crying"
"Film yourself or others partying...hard"
"Film someone or yourself come out of the closet"

View the entire "Call to Action" list on the Daylight Project website. The site mentions that the project proudly supports, the It Gets Better Project and the National Alliance of Mental Illness, so we're guessing the final product is likely to have a pro-social angle. 

The contest is available only in the U.S. and open through October 1. No word if you get to meet the band if your video is chosen and/or if Adam Levine will take you on a date if you win. (Fingers crossed.)