September 28, 2012


You Need To Know: Dr. Luke's Young Rapper Protege Becky G

Catherine Asanov
Catherine Asanov

When you're 15 and you've already got Simon Cowell and Ke$ha and Katy Perry producer Dr. Luke on your side, you're doing something right. L.A. native/rapper Becky G can't even drive yet, but "Wish U Were Here," her collaboration with Cody Simpson, already has more than 1 million views on YouTube. And after seeing one of her videos, had a dream about working with her (more on that in a bit). The girl leaves an impression.

Becky, who got her start at 9 years old in commercials (she calls it her "mid-life crisis") is currently under the tutelage of producer and songwriter Dr. Luke. And Luke is making sure to tell all of his famous friends how good this girl is. "Dr. Luke showed [] one of my videos, and Will said, 'She's dope!' And then he said he had a dream about me!" Becky tells Fuse. "The next day, Luke called me and said, 'Will wants to have a session with you.' And I was like, 'No way. wants to get in the studio with me? This is awesome.'"

The result of that studio session: "Problem (The Monster Remix)," written under tight, self-imposed constraints. "Will said, 'Let's try a little exercise. We have to come up with something within an hour. It can be good or bad, but we just have to come up with something within an hour,'" Becky revealed about the song. "We go in, and in that hour, it was like magic." Movie execs agreed, placing "Problem (The Monster Remix)" in the new film Hotel Transylvania.

As for that Simon Cowell thing, the X Factor judge praised Becky G after he found his way to her Jay-Z and Kanye West "Otis" cover (which is, in our opinion, really bad-ass). The almighty Simon tweeted after meeting Becky, "Just met a future star" and shared a link to the video. The highest praise? The highest praise.

Check out "Otis" and "Problem (The Monster Remix)" featuring below, and keep your eye out for the rapping wunderkind in the future.