September 6, 2012


On Spotify: Listen to Fuse's College Album Favorites

Wendy Redfern
Wendy Redfern

With school back in session, we at Fuse started thinking about albums from Beck, Biggie and Bowie that got us through our college years. Well, we did more than just think about the records that soundtracked our study sessions and all-night ragers: Being writers and all, we each penned personal recollections of four albums that we couldn't stop spinning in the dorms. 

These records weren't necessarily released during our college years: They're just some of the albums that changed our young, impressionable lives. So take a listen to this Spotify playlist of our 20 Essential College Albums, which covers everything from 1964's collaborative jazz album Getz/Gilberto to the Roots' Illadelph Halflife to the Strokes' decade-defining Is This It.