September 20, 2012


Watch: One Direction's "Live While We're Young" Video

Kevin Winter
Kevin Winter

One of the things that fans love about One Direction (besides their faces, obviously) is how the group isn't afraid to make fun of themselves. If it were any other boy band acting out the Monkees-inspired hijinks in 1D's new video "Live While We're Young," it would likely come off as super cheesy. But for these five guys, their sense of comfortable self-awareness really comes through. They also take their shirts off in the video, so that helps. 

In "Live While We're Young," One Direction gather a bunch of their friends for a party at the camp ground. (Fashionable blazers required, though.) Everything's status quo—Acoustic guitars around the fire! Jumping in the lake with all their clothes on! A hilarious soccer game! Girls!—until the end of the video, which also happens to be the most important part: 1D get shirtless in a kiddie pool. [Personal aside: Call me, Harry Styles.] 

"Live While We're Young" is the first single (and fastest-selling pre-order ever) from the band's upcoming sophomore album, Take Me Home, due out November 12. The single drops September 30.