September 21, 2012


One Direction Reportedly Earned $200 Million in Two Years!

Jo Hale
Jo Hale

Despite having only gotten their start a mere two years ago, One Direction have reportedly made close to $200 million since coming in third place on the British version of The X Factor in 2010. TV New Zealand is reporting that the boys have made about $196 million for themselves and $392 million for their management since becoming... well, ridiculously rich and famous. 

According to new excerpt from Tom Bower's biography of Simon Cowell, Sweet Revenge, One Direction are, in short, f--king loaded. "The songs, publishing, discs, DVDs, merchandising and endorsements brought in huge profits, with the five members of the group together estimated to have earned nearly £100 million. Naturally, Sony [Music Entertainment UK] and Syco [Entertainment] raked in much more."

If that insanely high number sounds a bit exaggerated, Sony Music Entertainment UK chariman Nick Gatfield is backing that claim. In June of this year Gatfield estimated that 1D was already a $50 million empire, a number that he expected to double within the year. Before that makes you incredibly, incredibly angry (you're not the only one), we should tell you that One Direction have also done their part to help the economy—the boys employ close to 90 people! 

The obvious cherry on top of this Duck Tales-sized pile of cash: the oldest member of One Direction is only 20 years old. Oh, and I did the math for you: If that outlandish "$196 million over the last two years" figure is accurate, the boys made approximately $186 per second for the last two years. So by the time you finish your Ramen noodles, the boys raked in about $2,800. Yes, I am very sad too.