September 20, 2012


Paul van Dyk Talks About 'Special Chocolate Cake' & His Beloved Starbucks

Superstar German DJ Paul van Dyk recently sat down with Fuse to talk about some of his more memorable tour stories. Lucky for us he had some good ones, even if they are, somewhat surprisingly, mostly food related.   

On an unexpected birthday present:  It was my 30th birthday and a friend of mine brought a big chocolate birthday cake. I didn’t have anything to eat that day , and I had like three or four pieces. What I didn’t know was that it was a "special chocolate cake." Since I’m pretty much not used to any substances, I was like turning around and spinning around, and having a rather curvy evening.

On his most memorable hotel experience: I remember a hotel on the outskirts of Washington. I was really hungry but the hotel was so cheap it didn’t even have a restaurant or room service, and they said there’s a McDonalds across the street. And apparently a drive-by shooting happened right there. So I just jumped back in and didn't have anything to eat.

On his coffee consumption: Drinking coffee right before the show isn’t something I would have done back in the day. It wasn’t necessary. But with all the travelling, with the rather tight schedule. The coffee helps.

On his love of Starbucks: I like Starbucks. I know it’s uncool, but I really do. In my rider it says, "coffee." So the promoters in Moscow saw that and said, "There is no Starbucks open at 2 AM, we need to do something." So they put an actual Starbucks counter with two employees and the whole range of products into my greenroom. Just my greenroom, just for myself. I think it was a miscommunication but we kept that little tradition. Now whenever I’m in Moscow I have the Starbucks in my green room. And I only have one latte!”

For more, watch the full video above!