September 18, 2012


Prince on 'The View': A Second-by-Second Breakdown

Prince is not exactly what you'd call a media juggernaut. He doesn't use Facebook or Twitter. He rarely gives interviews. And for years, there's been more stories told about him than by him. So when he made a surprise appearance on The View recently, we knew we had to cover every second.

But it wasn't his first time. He appeared on the show in 2010, when host Sherri Shepherd looked like she was envisioning her own sex tape with the singer before admitting, "I have wanted to make love to you for my whole life."

This appearance was a bit more subdued, with The View-to-Prince talking ratio at about 50/1. But still, the singer, sporting tight, yellow pants, a black leather jacket and small afro because that's how rock stars dress at 11 AM on a Monday, was polite and promoted a series of shows to benefit his Rebuild the Dream charity. We recommend opening up the video in a new browser and reading along with our second-by-second breakdown:

0:10: The View hosts all went to a Prince concert and it was, to quote Whoopi Goldberg, "rockin," with Prince bringing Shepherd on stage. Elisabeth Hasselbeck, who had left already because why would you want to see an entire Prince show, revealed that Prince invited her onstage as well. I wish I lived in an alternate universe in which Hasselbeck stayed.

0:40: When asked how he's able to perform, nonstop, for hours at a time, Prince tersely responds, "Music."

0:44: Prince's concert was Hasselbeck's "best show she's ever seen in her life," with the host exhibiting surprising musical tastes ranging from a love of Christian rock to a singer who once sang, "I'll jack U off/Jack U off/I'll jack U off/Jack U off/I'll jack U off."

0:53: Prince's face while Hasselbeck runs on about a babysitter or something. Is he bored? Annoyed? Thinking of ways to add her to his harem?

1:10: After finding out the location of Prince's next shows, Barbara Walters dismissively states, "I'll have to go to Chicago" in the same tone you would tell your 4-year-old that he totally can go to the moon.

1:33: Prince flirts with Walters, thus conjuring the strangest love child in existence.

1:47: Awkward moment: Prince tells the crew, "I have my quiet moments," to which Walters replies, "This is one of them."

1:55: Prince's body language when asked if he's on Twitter or Facebook is the animated GIF to end all GIFs. It's as if Hasselbeck asked, "Do you have any interest in being hit over the head with a medieval mace?"

1:58: Come on, Joy Behar. Do you really think you can go SEO-whoring by asking Prince, "What do you think of Justin Bieber and Lady Gaga?" Prince cares not for your linkbaiting. "Different strokes for different folks," answers the artist before, presumably, writing and recording a new album in his head before the next question.

3:06: Prince admits taking inspiration from Bruce Springsteen's ability to make his band change songs at the snap of a finger. Next person who interviews Springsteen: ask him if he has any stories hanging out with The Purple One.

3:35: Ah. Finally it's clear why Prince left his purple palace to give an ultra-rare interview. He's promoting the Rebuild the Dream charity.

4:01: Prince: "I like funny people."

Watch the whole interview on The View's homepage.