September 30, 2012


Record Label TufAmerica Sues Kanye West for Allegedly Illegal Sampling

Antonio de Moraes Barros Filho
Antonio de Moraes Barros Filho

Kayne West can't seem to shake off the lawsuits. Billboard reports that record label TufAmerica is suing the rapper and Roc-A-Fella in a Manhattan federal court over allegedly illegal song samples on West’s 2010 album, My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy

TufAmerica owns the rights to the 1969 Eddie Bo song "Hook and Sling, Part 1" and claim that the song was used in “Who Will Survive in America?," "Lost in the World," and the music video for "Runaway."

Although TufAmerica was paid $62,500 in license fees, they claim they never authorized multiple usage of the sample.

Earlier this year, a day before Adam Yauch died of cancer, TufAmerica filed a copyright-infringement suit against the Beastie Boys, and various record labels, claiming that two songs by the R&B/funk band Trouble Funk, which they administer, were allegedly sampled on the Beastie Boys' License to Ill and Paul's Boutique albums.

New York attorney Kelly Talcott is representing TufAmerica, in the West case, and seek undisclosed damages for copyright infringement.

Check out West's video for "Runaway."