Mu Kei

Continuing her lifelong streak of not giving an eff, Rihanna wasn't too pleased when British talk show host Piers Morgan expressed his feelings toward Ri's new super short haircut on Twitter. "PS," he tweeted during her performance with Coldplay and Jay-Z at the Paralympics, "I think @Rihanna needs to grow her hair back. Fast." Rihanna, taking a page from the classic seventh grade playbook, tweeted back, "grow a d*ck..... FAST!!!!" Buuuuurn.

While she wasn't busy starting Twitter beefs this weekend, the "We Found love" singer was spending some serious time in the tattoo chair, getting an epic piece of the Egyptian goddess Isis on her chest. The new ink is dedicated to her grandmother, who recently passed away after a lengthy battle with cancer. Ri shared the photo on Instagram along with the caption, "Goddess Isis- Complete Woman - Model for future generations- #GRANGRANDOLLY - always in and on my heart." Literally always...unless later removed by a laser.

Photo Credit: Rihanna/Instagram