John Shearer

There are two things you can expect from each new generation: They'll know how to use computers better than their parents, and they'll find a new boy band to crush on. From the Wanted to One Direction (not to mention one-man-boy-band Justin Bieber), preteens in 2012 have plenty of sugar-sweet male harmonies to choose from.

But when it comes to semi-disturbing cartoon fan art, One Direction is the Internet's clear champion. Here are some of my favorite fan-made drawings of 1D, pictures that are sure to confound, amuse and maybe even haunt your dreams.

One Direction giving each other piggyback rides. Except for Louis, who is getting a carrotback ride.

Photo Credit: Varus Nevertam/FurNation

Continuing with the vaguely homoerotic 1D fan art, here they are playing spin the bottle. With each other.

Photo Credit: Jaesama/tumblr

WHY ARE THEY DOGS?! This is the stuff nightmares are made of. 

Photo Credit:

Zayn urges you to eat healthy. Off his naked body, naturally.

Photo Credit: Cyril/cheeseburger-jellybaby/tumblr

1D's ice cream-fueled, teary group therapy

Photo Credit: Varus Nevertam/FurNation

As for this portrait of Harry Styles, that's just some quality artwork. I can Hazza?

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