September 5, 2012


Top 5 Tweets: Limp Bizkit Prepping First Cash Money Music Video

5. Andrew W.K. advises you to party now so you have something to be nostalgic about in the future. Deep thoughts!

PARTY TIP: Enjoy life right now. These are the good old days we'll love to remember in the future.
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4. Speaking of nostalgia, Joe Jonas is jonesing for the Nickelodeon days of yore:

3. Innocent reference or sinister pun, Mr. Mau5?

Had a nice little hang with @SkylarGrey ... she loved the way I lied.
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2. This genius has come up with a perfect new name for Talib Kweli's devotees:

RT @Hbnumbertwo: @TalibKweli if bieber has beliebers, does that make us (your fans) Talibkwelievers? I hope not. (lmao)
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1. Reports of Limp Bizkit's demise were greatly exaggerated: Fred Durst & associates are readying the first video/single they're releasing on Cash Money Records.

Filming our first video for Cash Money Friday night. The song is being mixed now in Virginia. Haven't titled the song yet.
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