September 13, 2012


Watch New Documentary About A$AP Rocky

When Fuse caught up with A$AP Rocky at this summer’s Catalpa Festival, Rocky mentioned a documentary he’d just filmed in London. Well, the doc, called A$AP ROCKY:A$VP C4, is out now, and it's pretty great. Here are some highlights.

A$AP’s organizer and founder, A$AP Yams first met Rocky in 2008. "The first time I ever met Rocky, he was this kid with perm and a ponytail, I was like, 'Who the f--k is this?'" They soon started working together, and a crew formed.

Eventually they developed a sound. "I don’t know where the sound came from," Yams told the filmmakers. "But I knew that when I found it, everyone else would sound great on it."

As for his influences, A$AP said he doesn’t favor one region over another. "I’m not just influenced by New York rap, I’m not just influenced by Southern rap, I’m not just influenced by West Coast rappers," he said. "I’m influenced by all rappers."

"'Peso' really is New York Rap," Yams added. "Only reason people don’t realize it is that people don’t know what New York rap is supposed to sound like in 2012."

The documentary also touches on life growing up in Harlem and the famous "pretty motherf--ker" line in "Peso."  Oh, and A$AP stands for  "Always Strive and Prosper," in case you were wondering. Check out the full video above; it’s definitely worth a watch.