September 17, 2012


Watch: Frank Ocean Hangs With Strippers, Drives Motorcycle in "Pyramids" Video

Fresh off his wonderful performance on Saturday Night LiveFrank Ocean just released the psychedelic and excellent (and very NSFW) video for "Pyramids." The video for Channel Orange's longest song runs nearly eight minutes, but trust me: it's completely worth it. Watch the full video on Vimeo.

Helmed by "Mercy" director Nabil, the clip follows Ocean as he downs four shots of absinthe, shoots up the bar and rides a motorcycle through an increasingly warped desert to a strip club. While there all sorts of things happen: Ocean's face melts, a stripper's face melts, some old men get a lap dance, a stripper's back becomes covered with hallucinated red lines and then Ocean can't stop laughing – who could while on so much of whatever it is that he's on?

The song breaks; a close up of Ocean's eyes reveals the reflection of a neon pyramid in the desert as a guitar solo builds and, as fog or smoke drifts from behind the neon pyramid, who emerges but pre-haircut John Mayer, who plays a slow blusey riff on a light-rigged guitar that's about a thousand times better than whatever it is he usually does.

The video ends with Ocean stumbling through the desert towards a distant pyramid. It's easily one of the best videos of the year.

Watch it now.