September 6, 2012


Watch K-Pop Stars Wonder Girls Dancing "Gangnam Style"

When K-Pop outfit Wonder Girls visited New York, we had to ask them what they think about fellow Korean singer Psy's sudden international success with his ubiquitous viral hit "Gangnam Style."

It turns out the girls are huge fans of him—so much that they broke into the infectious horse dance over and over throughout the day we spent with them.

"We love the video, we love the music," Yubin says. "He's a really great artist." Lim agrees: "He's so talented and his song is so creative and fun that we are in love with that song."

"As a Korean artist, we feel very proud of him," says Yenny. "We haven't met him personally," says Sun, "But we would love to meet him and collaborate on something."

Your move, Psy.