Today sees the release of an absolutely hysterical Aimee Mann music video. Yep, you read that right—the usually somber singer-songwriter has teamed with Jon Hamm to tell the story of a creative concept gone completely wrong.

Quick '80s music history lesson: You should know that most of this clip is a shot-for-shot recreation of the classic but silly "Voices Carry" video, a clip from Mann's New Wave band 'Til Tuesday.

If recreating an admittedly dated 27-year-old video sounds like a bad idea, Mann is right there with you. "Labrador" starts out with a skeezy director (Hamm, looking like John Waters but sounding like a Sopranos reject) expounding on his questionable creative process while a pained Mann explains how he tricked her into doing the remake.

Watch the video above to see: 1) Mann spoofing herself 2) Hamm being reliably hysterical 3) A cameo of Ted Leo in a ridiculous wig and 4) Jon Wurster (comedic partner of director Tom Scharpling & drummer for the Mountain Goats) delivering the line, "I bring the same level of intensity whether it’s a music video or the new Stanley Klubrick movie."