September 13, 2012


World Premiere: Circa Survive's "Suitcase" Video

Alice In Wonderland-style shrinkage, suspicious lovers and furries scurrying around in over-sized dog costumes. Yep, "Suitcase"—the first video from Circa Survive's Violent Waves premiering right here—is a strange and hilarious gem.

When you watch the clip above, you'll realize lead singer Anthony Green isn't exaggerating when he tells us, "This is by far the greatest video that our band has ever done."

"I wrote the treatment down one night after watching Being John Malkovich," Green tells Fuse. "I wanted something weird and captivating but also slightly sexual and slightly funny. I feel like the video has a depth to it with no limits. Every time I watch it I take something different away."

Without giving too much away, the video stars Michaela Williams as a concerned lover who stows away in her boyfriend's suitcase (after shrinking to fit inside, naturally) and witnesses something she wasn't meant to see—and definitely not anything you would expect. Unless, of course, you were expecting to see grown adults frolicking in plush dog suits. (We can honestly say the 30-second preview we teased on Tuesday did not prepare us for that turns of events.)

Watch the Fuse exclusive world premiere of Circa Survive's "Suitcase" above and relish in what Green so rightly describes as its "weird and captivating" glory. And check out Circa's fall tour stops on their site