October 15, 2012


Red Hot Chili Peppers Close ACL Fest: By the Numbers

Aubree Lennon for Fuse
Aubree Lennon for Fuse

When it comes time to close down a festival, Red Hot Chili Peppers are your band. The SoCal funk-rock surfer bros performed at both Lollapalooza and Bonnaroo earlier this summer, and their set is a predictably awesome strut through an unrivaled catalogue spanning 25 years. Flea's hair colors may be forever changing, but the Peppers are reliable when it comes to bringing the party. 

The quartet, rounded out by Brazilian percussionist Mauro Refosco (David Byrne, Atoms for Peace), closed out Austin City Limits Sunday night (see live pics!), injecting an exhausted Sunday night crowd with a speed-ball double-dose of sunny funk that had Zilker Park jumping and spinning, doing their best Anthony Kiedis imitations. Here's the complete breakdown by the numbers.

Number of broken feet onstage: 1 (new guitarist Josh Klinghoffer's left foot)

Number of shout-outs to Austin: 2 

Numbers of frighteningly intoxicated girls dragged out of the pit by EMS: 2

Number of janitor suits: 1 (Flea's multi-colored hand-painted funk suit)

Number of times Flea screamed into the mic for 20 seconds or more: 3

Number of impromptu jams: 3 (...for Kiedis to take a bathroom break? Maybe?)

Number of times I held up the phone for my high school pals to hear: 2

Number of girls sitting on shoulders: I counted 14

Number of topless girls on shoulders: 2 (hey, this is a family-friendly fest!)

Number of seconds Flea jammed with the deaf interpreter: at least 90

Number of covers: 1 (Robert Johnson's "They're Red Hot")

Number of minutes that Chad Smith's drum solo lasted: 2

Number of stone-cold RHCP classics: 5 ("Under the Bridge," "Suck My Kiss," "Californication," "Give It Away," "Otherside")

Number of tracks from their new album I'm With You: 2 ("Rain Dance Maggie," "Monarchy of Roses")

Number of times Flea went full rubber band, banging his bass at turbo force: 4

Number of fans singing along to "Under the Bridge": approximately 43,239

Number of shirtless dudes stomping and dancing, Kiedis-style: approximately 2,546

Number of genres Flea name-dropped during his show-closing call to support live music: 8 (including polka and classical)