October 19, 2012


Steve Aoki, the Ultimate Reality Show Prize

C Flanigan
C Flanigan

In the electronic music world, DJ Steve Aoki is a festival-headlining powerhouse performing over 200 shows internationally. In the nightclub world, Steve Aoki is a party-throwing entrepreneur, famous for bringing guests like Lil Jon and Porter Robinson. In the number-crunching world of charts and lists, Steve Aoki hit #6 on Billboard for Wonderland and ranks #5 on Forbes 2012 wealthiest DJs.

So of course everyone wants to get near him. Just ask his million Facebook fans!

Six of these ardent fans will now get a chance to compete in a reality show with a most unusual prize waiting for them -- Steve Aoki in the flesh. As three teams, they will compete in challenges modelled after the DJs famous live shows, rife with crowd-surfing (on a raft!), cake-throwing, and many, many bottles of exploding champaign.

Team "Musically Challenged" might have an odd name, but is it part of their secret strategy? The team name's an inside joke -- Joseph is a musician and William is a DJ. The youngest team in the group, the duo, both 21, have been friends for 11 years and their combination of music knowledge and shared background just might give them the inside edge.

When it comes to competitive fierceness, Gordon and Anna of team "Capone Pride Squad" won't shy away from gangster moves. With their exuberant personalities and dramatic flair, these friends from California could go big or go home...but they'll be throwing curveballs at the other teams with every move.

Almost a foot apart in height, the petite Samantha and the 6'4" Eric of team "Save Some for Later" will have a tough time sharing the camera frame, but is there more to this couple that we can't see yet? The self-described "music trivia geniuses" share a quirky sensibility, with his calm balancing her fire.  

Over seven episodes, the three teams will be put to the test -- how well do they know electronic music? How well do they know Steve? Getting "caked" at a show is nothing compared to what's coming up!

Watch the trailer below and get ready for a chase like no other. Chasing with Steve Aoki premieres right here on October 23!