October 8, 2012


Watch: Andrew W.K. Shocks David Blaine With One Million-Volt Keyboard

As you may have heard, hard partying rocker Andrew W.K. and magician David Blaine collaborated on Blaine's latest stunt, "Electrified" (ohhhhhhhhh!!!). And by collaborated, we mean W.K. played a keyboard that was rigged to Tesla coils, shooting a million volts of electricity through Blaine. It's probably safe to say W.K. got the better end of the deal. Fuse was on the scene at New York City's Pier 54 Friday night to watch the mayhem ensue, and we even caught up with W.K., who wasn't at all worried about the falling rain.

"I'd rather everyone not get killed," he said when asked about the rain conducting electricity through the crowd. "But if you get a little jolt, a little static electricity, that's the excitement of the night. And when it's raining like this and you have a million volts of electricity surging around in the middle of Manhattan, you're in good shape for a lot of fun and partying."

He also explained how he became involved in the project. "I was invited. How often do you ever get to play an instrument like this? As you can see, this is a keyboard that's controlling these amazing Telsa coils that are generating electricity that look like lightning bolts."

But how does one play such a powerful keyboard? "You harness it, and you party," he told us. "Basically, you party, and then you party some more." 

Oddly enough, W.K. said he hadn't even met Blaine yet, but the scenario was perfect for an introduction: "What better way to meet someone than through one million volts in the rain in the middle of Manhattan, electrocuting each other?" Good point.

Watch the full interview above.