October 15, 2012


"Don't F-ck Me Onstage" and Other Overheard Quotes at ACL Fest 2012

Cooper Neill
Cooper Neill

Austin's slogan of "Keep Austin Weird" extends to every part of the city. While on the ground at Austin City Limits Festival, we heard some, um, interesting things from both artists and fans alike. Enjoy.

Red Hot Chili Peppers' Anthony Kiedis: "We come here specifically to mess with Texas...in a nice way." 

Polica: "Y'all drinking vodka? I say 'y'all' even though I'm from Minnesota. It's one of the screens I put up when I'm talking to crowds I guess."

Iggy Pop: "This is pain and suffering straight up your ass, Texas" by way of introducing "1970"

Girl after Iggy: It was awesome, man. Now  I've seen four out of my top five of all time.

Rufus Wainwright: "I'm going to sing a Judy Garland song. Now I've heard Liza Minnelli isn't very happy about me singing her mother's songs, so I'm changing the lyrics to 'The Bitch That Got Away.'" (Actual title: "The Man Who Got Away")

Guy at Rufus who was hopefully kidding: Why does he have to talk so gay?

Neil Young admitting he screwed up the end of "F*!#in Up": "I f--ked it up."

Lera Lynn to her banjo player: "Don't f--k me onstage."

Event staff: You can't get in here.

Confused teen girl: What do you mean there are no iPhone 5 chargers?! What is this, Kentucky?

Guy that couldn't get to the beer tent by the Lumineers: Who the f-ck are the Luminerds?! I just want to get a beer!

Drunk girl crossing legs and leaning forward: If you make me go around, I am going to peeeeeeeeee my pants.

Wife to her husband: "Will you put your beer down and hold this while I change the diaper?"

Sara Quin of Tegan and Sara: "Last time we played in heat like this, Tegan fainted onstage. My dreams of a solo career almost came true!"

Bad Books frontman Andy Hull: "Can someone explain to me why someone is flying a flag that says 'Yogurt'?"

One fan to another: "We might go see the wars of northern aggression. They call themselves the Civil Wars."

Die Antwoord's Ninja: "All the homeboys grab your nuts. What's that? Expensive s-it!!!"