October 8, 2012


Preview: Green Day's Billie Joe Armstrong Debuts on 'The Voice' Tonight!

AP Photo / NBCUniversal, Tyler Golden
AP Photo / NBCUniversal, Tyler Golden

Green Day's Billie Joe Armstrong will make his debut on NBC's The Voice on Monday night. He's playing a mentor, teamed with the unlikely partner of Christina Aguilera. "I think we're a good pairing," he tells Christina Milian in a new promo clip. "It's been great."

Asked about his own mentors, Armstrong says he looked up to gents like Johnny Rotten and Bob Dylan, "the non-singer singers," people who "deliver a statement more than they do, say, a vocal performance." A jab at the pop leanings of televised singing competitions, or a heads-up that he's looking beyond just the contestants' sound?

For those cringing at the idea of Armstrong—who recently had an onstage meltdown and entered rehab—taking on The Voice in addition to the grueling task of releasing a triple-album, buckle up for one more reminder of what a workaholic Armstrong is: Green Day's got a new world tour in the works.