October 9, 2012


Black Keys Release 'Tour Rehearsal Tapes' Live EP

Kevin Mazur
Kevin Mazur

A Black Keys concert is probably the pinnacle of what makes the Black Keys the Black Keys. So the Ohio blues rock duo is bringing the experience to your earbuds with Tour Rehearsal Tapes, a new EP comprised of six songs recorded with a live studio setup at the end of 2011. The track listing is four parts El Camino, two parts Brothers:

1) Dead and Gone
2) Gold on the Ceiling
3) Lonely Boy
4) Next Girl
5) Run Right Back
6) Tighten Up

The sound is boisterous and tight, like the kind of thing that's not going to disappoint Keys die-hards. Head to iTunes if it's something you need in your life. It might even hold you over until the new album.