October 15, 2012


Mark Hoppus Confirms New Blink-182 Album Is in the Works

Matt Kent
Matt Kent

Time to bust out your old Vans and your Hurley t-shirt and those ear gauges your mom (correctly) said were a bad idea:  Blink-182 will have a new album out soon! And by soon, I mean soon-ish. According to bassist Mark Hoppus, the pop punk trio are currently working on a batch of songs for the album, which should be out in a year.  "A full year!" you say? Well, if you live near a computer or in Australia, worry not; in the meantime Blink will release an iTunes session and go on tour Down Under.

Hoppus also weighed in on the current state of music. The bassist told NME: "I feel like this summer was kind of devoid of a lot of great new music. The new Matt & Kim album is coming out, I'm excited about that, the Mumford and Sons album I like... but, yeah, other than that it's been kind of a dry summer."

It's a safe bet that with the new album will come a new tour, which will make at least one kid happy.